Inhabiting a Grudge

The grudge : An inhabitable wall constructed to block the sea view for the plot behind

I was asked in 2012 to write a forgotten story from Beirut for an edited book that was being put together .  At that time I was looking into a story I had heard recently from my father. He had told me that a brother who lost most of his plot due to the roads expansion decided to build a wall to make sure his brothers plot behind his does not benefit from the sea view!

Sounds crazy yet today the structure still stands as prove to building a grudge.
To read more about building and inhabiting the grudge, Jadaliyya  has republished the essay.

Early years

Otherwise you may find the book in English or  French as Beirut re-collected or Beyrouth, chroniques et d├ętours.

photo dated 1962 found unreferenced that shows the Grudge


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